Cancellation policy

  • We respectfully remind guests that a firm reservation constitutes a contract between themselves and Daisybank Cottage.
  • Should you need to cancel your booking,this will need to be confirmed by Email.
  • If your booking is for more than one night the following rules apply:
  • Seven days notice- You will be charged the first nights accommodation only.
  • Less than Seven days notice- You will be charged the first nights accommodation, and although we will endeavour to sell your room for the remaining nights any shortfall in income to Daisybank Cottage will be charged to your credit card. This could be the cost of the full amount of your booking.
  • Once checked in, if you cut short your stay we will do our best to re sell your room for the remaining nights but you will be liable for any loss Daisybank makes. This could be the full amount of your stay.
  • If you need to move a booking we will be happy to accommodate you with 7 days notice provided we receive an email requesting a change in date. Please note however rates may differ between your chosen dates.
  • Early departures: In the event of a stay being cut short for any reason, the full duration of each confirmed booking will be charged.
  • Daisybank Cottage reserves the right to cancel any bookings should extenuating circumstances or errors occur preventing them from proceeding. Please note this is not good for business and would only be through emergency or within ample notice to source an alternative. Daisybank Cottage will not be liable for any losses occurring as a result of such action.
  • We highly recommend you to take out travel/holiday insurance.
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